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BIG IDEAS for small business

The Nanocorp Primer Series

How 'Small is Good' Unleashes the 'Other Side' of Capitalism

2015 Update: Many years have passed since Timlynn and I actively pursued Sohodojo. Those years were "life interrupted" as we both faced stage 4 cancer battles and have, so far at least, won a few Bonus Rounds. To this end of #PayingItForward for the Gift of Life, we're essentially re-entering the world by living our lives as much as we can by the ideas we tried so hard to help gain traction at the start of the New Millennium. We'll be mining this site for "oldies but goodies" as we engage in our "Influence Without Authority" Portfolio Lives in the Citizen Science and Citizen History domains. For more about what we do now, please visit and The Softalk Apple Project, and follow us on Twitter at @Jim_Salmons and @TimlynnBabitsky.
Happy-Healthy Vibes,
-: Jim & Timlynn :-

The Nanocorp Primer is a growing resource of Big Picture presentations about nanocorps and their relationship to the dynamics of the New Economy.

Sohodojo Speakers Available
Visit the nanocorp home page of Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky...
The Nanocorp Primer web pages include on-line versions of slides we use in small group and large public presentations.

Contact us if you would like to discuss having Jim and Timlynn, Founders of Sohodojo, speak at your upcoming conference or workshop.

We're scrambling to add opinion polling, reader comments and suggest-a-link features to these presentations. We really want to know what you are thinking, too! In the meantime, you are welcome to send us your comments in an email.

We've annotated these slide presentations with links to books and on-line resources to extend the slide content of these presentations.

Don't forget that your click-through purchases of books help support Sohodojo. We appreciate your support and we applaud your reading appetite! (Did we mention we now have multi-vendor links at our RIBS Joint? We give you a choice in where you buy our recommended books?)

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